About Us

About Us

About Us

Main kind of activity – wholesale in Republic of Uzbekistan.

LLC “Millenium distribution” is exclusive distributor of well-known trademarks such as :

“MacCoffee”, TashkentTEA”, “TUDOR”, “CHARMELLE” and “4CLEAN”.

History of the company:

From 2007 to 2010- we were exclusive distributors of OJSC “NefisCosmetics”, Kazan, Russia. Trademarks “Sorti” , “AOS” (the biggest manufacturer of detergents in Russia).
From 2007 to 2009 – distributor of “
DEKGMBH” factory, Hamburg, Germany. Trademark “MILAGRO” (coffee and cream producers) on the territory of Republic of Uzbekistan
From 2004 to the present – exclusive distributor of “AkbarBrothersLtd” company Shri-Lanka. Trademarks “”TashkentTEA” and “TUDOR” (tea products) on the territory of Republic of Uzbekistan.
From 2009 to the present time – exclusive distributor of “FutureEnterprises” company, Singapore, on the territory of Republic of Uzbekistan. Trademark “MacCoffee” (coffee products).
From 2016 to the present- exclusive distributor of “ALVIERO” private company Republic of Uzbekistan, on the territory of Republic of Uzbekistan. Trademark “CHARMELLE” (household chemistry).
From the mid of 2017 to the present - exclusive distributor of “LOTOS GOLD” joint venture Republic of Uzbekistan, on the territory of Republic of Uzbekistan. Trademark “4CLEAN” (household chemistry)
In the market of Republic of Uzbekistan, we have recommended ourselves as reliable partner and stable up-to-date distribution company.
We conduct qualitative service with successful coverage of territory and prompt delivery of goods for our clients.
It is great merit of sales and delivery department, which devote themselves to work completely.
There is base depot in arsenal of our company. Warehouses are located throughout Tashkent with total area of more than 5000 square meters. Staff of company consists of more than 100 people, 25 of which work in sales department and are professionals of their job with 7-10-year experience in commerce. At the disposal of the delivery department there are 16 trucks of Mercedes and Volkswagen type.

How we work?

Sales through Tashkent are executed in the way of PRESELLING system, it includes collection of orders by sales representative, and also delivery next day. There are more than 3500 retail points that we serve today. Pride is caused by well-established work in the regions of our Republic. Regional network is a system of work with dealers from regions like Tashkent  region (Almalyk city, Angren city, Chirchik city, Gazalkent city), Samarkand  region (Samarkand city), Bukhara (Bukhara city), Fergana  region ( Kokand city, Fergana city), Andidjan  region (Andidjan city), Namangan  region (Namangan city), Navoiy  region  (Zarafshan city, Uchkuduk city), Syrdarya region (Gulistan city), Jizzakh (Jizzakh city), Karakalpakistan autonomy (Nukus city). In every region there is a different regional supervising manager, who has responsibility of selling and promoting our commodities in the regions.


LLC “MIlleniumDistribution”- is a family, family is love, trust, understanding and care. It is all that we share with our partners, clients and consumers everyday.